GCr15 bearing steel material preparation and treatment optio

2014-04-09 14:44
GCr15 bearing steel extrusion due to large deformation resistance, resulting in mold wear increased, decreased life, blank softened by annealing, rolling light, acid, phosphate, saponification, and then squeezed. 
1.1 Preparation of the blank 
Form of cold extrusion materials have so categories: rod, bar, tube plate, sheet metal. 
For cold extrusion material forms of choice is very important, it directly affects the design of the mold and reasonable, the quality of products manufactured parts used and processed convenience. So we must first form of various materials have a certain understanding.
(1) wire 
Wire mainly for upsetting extrusion standard parts like bolts or car, motorcycle spark plugs and other shell put on the squeeze large quantities of small parts. General wire diameter 3-25mm, individual cases up to 35mm. Wire surface and lubricating special surface treatment for multi-station automatic cold heading machine forming, material utilization, high production efficiency.
2) bar 
Cold extrusion billet rods using more general extrusion equipment for single process. Compared with the wire its low productivity, but all of the surface and the surface may be lubricated if necessary multi-channel extrusion, sometimes with an intermediate annealing. Rod material utilization is relatively high, the use of cutting up to 70% -90% preparation, the use of the press clipping preparation almost 100%. Blank aspect ratio is generally greater than 1, such as less than 1, with the cut material is more difficult to press. When crude blank blank need upsetting aspect ratio over the General Assembly due to hypothermia when upsetting, generally the best control in two or less. The material of hot-rolled bar steel rod and cold finishing pull rod. Precise outer diameter than the latter, the use of truncated press preparation, the volume of the blank error can be controlled within a small range.
(3) Tubing 
Seamless steel pipe or hot extruded material is aluminum, brass, etc., can be used as anti-extrusion billets are extruded or use hollow pieces. Certain shapes and sizes of cold extrusion, extrusion billet using pipe material as a solid bar more than the economy, but also has a larger extrusion pressure reduction. 
(4) sheets 
When the blank is relatively small aspect ratio, or non-extruded non-ferrous metal parts when the round shape, can be used as a blank sheet, sheet metal using blanking punch. 
According to the design and production of the desired shape and size precision parts that bearing steel pendulum body parts with cold extrusion billets using a more reasonable bar higher utilization. Therefore, the decision to adopt bar.
1.2 Preparation blank 
Preparation methods for cutting billets cutting, punching material under lower cutting material, cutting a variety of methods such as sawing, can be used as needed. Features of the methods known from [1]. 
Under (1) bar or tube feeding for cutting materials 
On the mechanical press with a dedicated mode for cutting rod or tube material to be cut cut cutting is the most widely applied method. Preparation of the blank mold used for cutting, high production efficiency, material utilization is high, but the end face of the truncated rough blank, end with the central axis is not perpendicular, there is a certain slope, especially semi-enclosed clipping mode, this situation is particularly serious. Therefore blank after clipping, general use during extrusion die upsetting flat end face of the blank flatten off.
(2) Under punching sheet metal material 
Cylindrical blank sheet blank blanking material aspect ratio is generally used under the non-ferrous metal or a non-circular flat blanks. The main advantage of this approach is the high productivity, high dimensional accuracy of the blank, end formation. The disadvantage is that the material utilization is low, generally only around 60%. For black metal cold extrusion, with the general normal punching the blank space. For the non-ferrous metal cold extrusion, cold extrusion especially aluminum or copper thin-walled parts, face blank if not smooth, cracks appear on the surface of extrusion extrusion, it is generally with smooth blanking blanking method. In the production practice, often with a small gap, rounded concave mold or negative clearance blanking die.
(3) bar sawing material 
Saw can cut a large cross-sectional area of the billet, smooth section, high dimensional accuracy, but saw the mouth of a large loss of material. If using a reciprocating saw or cutting circular saw cutting, low productivity; such as the use of high speed band saw material, high production efficiency, and the blank shape rules, is under an advanced method of cutting material. Currently, large-diameter bar stock material are used in high-speed band saw. 
(4) Turning Cutting 
If blank end face has special requirements or thin and long shape of the blank, the material can be used under the lathe. This method of cutting high precision blank size, shape rules, but low production efficiency and material utilization is not high.
In summary, bearing high precision steel body size, to ensure the smooth blank section should be used lathe cutting.

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