The choice and use of bearing

2014-04-09 16:46

一、 Bearing Choice

1, bearing model choice: bearing type is normally provided by the user technical staff to choose the bearing in accordance with the conditions and bear the load. The main business staff is to understand the user's actual load consistent with the selected bearing, if the bearing is not up to the requirements, the client should be advised as soon as possible to reelection new models, but generally do not have any problem on select models unless special products

Grease choices: grease choices are selected according to the general bearing speed, temperature, the noise requirements and starting torque, etc., requires business staff performance understand a variety of oils and fats

Second, the bearing Precautions 

4, rust preventive paint: After paint rust is characterized by multiple in sealed-type motor, the motor in the assembly sound good, but in the warehouse for some time, the motor becomes very abnormal sound, remove the bearing severe rusting. Many manufacturers will be considered a bearing problem, through our continuous propaganda, motor plant now has realized mainly insulating paint problems. The problem is mainly because the insulating paint out of volatile acid at a temperature, humidity corrosive substance is formed, resulting in damage to the bearing channel bearing corrosion. The problem can only be a good choice of insulating paint, and after a period of time after the ventilation drying assembly. 

Bearing life is associated with the manufacture, assembly, use all closely related, must all make every link in order to make the bearings in the best operating condition, thus extending bearing life.

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