Hazards of counterfeit bearings

2014-04-09 15:04

Due to the current legal system is not perfect in the socialist market economy and many consumers do not know how to identify the merits of the bearing, lured by low prices , so that small manufacturers of bearings and bearing counterfeit flooded the market , According to statistics, currently on the market of small manufacturers of bearings and bearing counterfeit share over 60% market share in some areas even more than 80%., However, because of its inherent quality and inferior bearing defects and low precision and great harm , leading to huge losses to the user.

1 due to the limitations of raw materials, shoddy bearing hardness are less than the national requirements. Deformation occurs during use, etc., which can affect their life, damage to other parts of the machine . In particular, some high-temperature bearings and high-speed bearings, hardness directly affect their life and the use of safety.
2 ,due to the small manufacturers and underground factories dipped in fire technology, Nga shoddy bearing uneven heating temperature dipped in fire , so that the impact of the precision of the bearing , deformation , etc. .
3., its great technical limitations directly affect the precision of these bearings so that this problem becomes insurmountable flawed, but the gap is not only direct damages precision machine parts , also bearing handling things become more cumbersome , even can be uninstalled,, availability can not be unloaded directly damaging the machine , delay hours.
4 some small manufacturers and illegal processing plants reduce costs and use inferior steel, malleable iron, steel and other raw materials ,while reducing technology in the production process, in the course of these products prone to problems and even damage the machine of equipment

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