The 2012 Chinese bearing industry analysis report

2014-04-09 10:49
China bearing industry market analysis report
The first chapter of bearing market background overview
1.1 Summary of China bearing industry background
1.1.1 China bearing industry development course and current situation 
1.1.2 China  bearing main processing technology and development direction
1.1.3 China  bearing standard present situation and the development
1.2 Background Summary of international auto bearing industry
The second chapter international bearing industry development condition analysis
2.1 The bearing industry development condition analysis
2.1.1 The bearing industry development
2.1.2 International bearing industry development characteristics
2.1.3 international bearing enterprises changing way
2.2 International bearing industry market analysis
2.2.1 International bearing industry development situation
2.2.2 The world bearing industry regional development
2.2.3 World famous bearing enterprises development
2.3  Part of foreign bearing brand development condition analysis
2.3.1 Japan NTN bearing development condition analysis
2.3.2 Germany FAG bearing development condition analysis
2.3.3 The Swedish SKF bearing development condition analysis
2.3.4 luoyang PRS bearing development condition analysis
2.4 The international development trend of the bearing industry
The third chapter the domestic bearing industry market analysis
3.1 the domestic bearing industry development
3.1.1 2004-2008 domestic bearing industry development 
3.1.2 2009 domestic bearing industry development status
3.1.3 2010 domestic bearing industry development status
3.1.4 2011 domestic bearing industry development status 
3.2 the import and export of domestic bearing industry analysis
3.2.1 2008 domestic bearing import and export situation
3.2.2 2009 domestic bearing import and export situation 
3.2.3 2010 domestic bearing import and export situation
3.2.4 2011 domestic bearing import and export situation
3.2.5 Domestic bearing export target market selection
3.3 The domestic bearing industry regional output value analysis
3.3.1 2011 domestic bearing industry clusters production and marketing analysis
3.3.2 2011 rainfall distribution on 10-12 domestic provinces and cities rolling bearing capacity analysis
3.3.3 Domestic typical bearing enterprise development condition analysis
3.4 The domestic bearing industry policy support
3.4.1 The related policy of domestic bearing industry
3.4.2 Domestic bearing industry "11th five-year plan" and the medium to long term planning
Rule 3.4.3 domestic bearing industry "twelfth five-year" plan
3.5 The domestic bearing industry the main trouble
3.5.1 Track of bearing industry production concentration is low
3.5.2 Bearing industry research and development and the innovation ability is low
3.5.3 Bearing industry manufacturing technology level is low
3.5.4 Bearing products export structure is unreasonable, the export products structure to be optimized
2.6.2 Bearing products export market concentration, emerging market development resistance increase
3.5.6 Bearing the single financing channel and increase the cost of financing, financing difficulties
3.5.7 Financial crisis brought the global economy development, the growing international trade friction
3.6 bearing industry development countermeasure and the suggestion
3.6.1 Track optimization of organizational structure, strengthen the scale management, speed up the reform of state-owned enterprises
3.6.2 Strengthen enterprise management ability, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises
3.6.3 Ability of independent innovation, and constantly develop new products
3.6.4 Radar echoes captured accelerate technological transformation, promote the rapid ascension of superior enterprises
3.6.5 Cost awareness, pay attention to brand building
3.6.6 Attaches great importance to the marketing network construction, reduce trade barriers
3.6.7 Adhere to the strategy of diversifying export markets, and constantly open up new markets
The fourth chapter bearing industry development and the analysis of network marketing prospects
4.1 the Chinese bearing industry competition and development trend analysis
4.2 ceramic bearing industry development present situation and developing direction
2 ceramic bearing industry development present situation
4.2.2 high-performance ceramic bearing bearing product trend in the future
4.3 innovation prospects of Chinese bearing industry trends
This concept innovation as the driving force of bearing industrial development
4.3.2 brand innovation is a sign of strong bearing industry international competition has entered the brand competition of the commodity from the cultural competition
4.4 bearing industry network marketing mode of development and prospects
4.4.1 bearing network marketing innovation of concept and business mode of change
4.4.2 bearing network marketing innovation competition way of innovation
4.4.3 bearing industry network marketing strategy analysis and concept change
The fifth chapter end
【 lean experience version 】
China bearing industry market analysis report
Core tip: after more than 50 years of construction and development of China's bearing industry has formed a larger scale, both in the number of enterprises, workers, and the output of each year in bearing industry. Countries also positively introduced policies to support the bearing industry in our country, to help its development. Behind China's bearing industry progresses day by day, however, there are still many problems to be solved, the global auto parts network also gives some advice on these problems.
At present, China bearing industry after more than 50 years of construction and development, especially since the reform and opening, has gradually formed a larger scale of production. Bearing market mainly concentrated in jiangsu and zhejiang region of China, thanks to many private and flexible management of private enterprise and the market economy fair competition environment. Country strong growth since the reform and opening up, the enterprise scale expanding rapidly, occupying most of the general bearing products market, some of the advantages of enterprises are trying to the high-end product market.
In recent years, the world's largest bearing company also have entered China, a joint venture or wholly foreign owned enterprise, formed the Chinese bearing industry state-owned, private and foreign empires. With the strong growth of private enterprises, the proportion of state-owned enterprises are reduced year by year, and the deepening of the reform of property right system, will further reduce the proportion of state-owned enterprises, the proportion of private enterprises will also be further improved.
The bearing industry development situation
Bearing in the world after nearly 50 years of development, has formed a larger scale production with the increase of years continuously rising. But the early 50 s, the world bearing production 900 million sets; And early 60 s, the world bearing production has more than doubled to 1.8 billion sets. From 4 billion, in the early seventy s to eighty sets of the early eighty s, to more than 10 billion sets of the late ninety s, the world bearing production develop steadily year by year, good posture. Among them, the world more than 10 billion sets of bearing production in 1997, became the world's a key point of bearing industry, a milestone.
According to the investigation statistics, in 2011, the world has been ten big multinational bearing company bearing market share, their market share accounted for about 80% of the overall bearing markets around the world. Among them, Japan NSK, Japan KOYO, Japan NTN, Japan NMB and Japan NACHI and so on five big company's total annual sales of about $10 billion; The Swedish SKF company about $5.5 billion; Germany FAG and Germany INA together about $5 billion; The United States Timken and TORRINGTON together about 4 billion dollars. Five big companies in Japan, at more than $1 billion in sales at least.
The domestic bearing industry development
In 2008, despite the global financial storm and the first half of the influence of the rising prices of raw materials, but as a mechanical components of attrition, with the increase of national new projects and new mechanical products, China bearing manufacturing industry rapidly increase, stable and sustainable development. 1 - in November 2008, the Chinese bearing manufacturing enterprises above designated size reached 1717, up 8.4%; Workforce continues to increase to 327000 people, up 2.01% from a year earlier.
Figure 1:08 November 1 - bearing industry enterprise quantity and workforce growth rate (%)
In 2008, the main bearing market in China was dominated by products of private enterprises, private enterprises in the domestic bearing market occupies half of 56.6% of market share, and state-owned enterprises and joint ventures products only account for 13.8% and 9% of domestic market share.
Figure "08 Chinese bearing industry (%) of each type of enterprise market share accounted
According to China bearing industry association of the bearing industry, 110 (including 102 to participate in the summary) enterprise group and the main statistics, in 2009, the total industrial output value of 2009 yuan, down 1.08% year on year. Industry sales output value 48.5581 billion yuan, down 0.03% year on year; Industrial added value 14.4124 billion yuan, up 6.00% from a year earlier.
Image in Chinese bearing industry output value (unit: RMB one hundred million) and growth (%)
Figure 4:20 09 China bearing industry 102 enterprises, the change of the total profit
The state encourages the policy continues, economy gradually warming, the international economy has driven recovering landscape environment, the bearing industry a vigorous situation in the first half of 2010. In 2010, our country bearing more than 2 billion sets of production, output value of more than 20 billion yuan. According to the national bearing industry 10 home l (91 of which are involved in summary) enterprise group and the main statistics. In September 1, 2010 the total output value 40.08 billion yuan, up 39.7% over the same period in 2009. Industrial sales value of 38.79 billion yuan, up 36.11%; Industrial added value 10.7 billion yuan, up 29.77% from a year earlier.
Figure "10 years China's bearing industry output value (unit: RMB one hundred million) and growth (%)
In 2010, all enterprises profit growth compared to the total of 72 enterprises, accounting for 79.12% of the 91 companies; Profit fell for l5 enterprises, accounting for 16.48% of the 91 companies; Four flat.
Figure 10 years were disappointed Chinese bearing industry 72 enterprises, the change of the total profit
Lucrative 2011 national bearing industry is "fruits" : the sales income is 139 billion yuan, 10% higher than in 2010, completed bearing production is 17 billion sets, year-on-year growth of 13.3%. Total scale bearing market in China about 100 billion yuan, of which the needle roller bearing accounts for about 5.6%. Only in June 2011, needle roller bearing market sales income was about 5 billion yuan. And in November 2011, China's production of 2.259 billion sets of rolling bearings, up 24.01% from a year earlier. According to the December 2011 global auto parts online purchasing quantity statistics, bearings, auto lamps and lanterns and the battery is located in the top three, thus, the demand of bearing is very objective.
Figure and so on December 11 years global auto parts for the top 10 cars network products
Statistics show that in November 1, 2011 - China's output of about 21.1 billion sets of rolling bearings. Production over the first 11 months of rolling bearing of 11.34 billion sets of jiangsu province, year-on-year growth of 30.90%, accounting for 53.78% of the total national output. In zhejiang province ranked second, third is 5.33 billion sets, accounting for 25.29% of the total national output; Shandong province 1.62 billion, accounting for 7.68% of the total national output. Other higher yield of anhui, hebei, henan and other provinces.
Figure 8: China's provinces and cities in November 1, 2011 rolling bearing production statistics (unit: m)
The domestic bearing industry policy support
Recently, the domestic bearing heat treatment of the most widely used JB/T1255-2000 "high carbon chromium bearing steel rolling bearing parts heat treatment technical conditions" standard was put forward revision, expects the standard revision, and will have a significant impact to the bearing industry. Basically is the interests of the domestic leading bearing manufacturing enterprise. As you can imagine, this standard will eventually promote the further integration of the bearing industry. In addition, the auto bearing as an important branch of bearing, independent standard should be suited to the characteristics of the automobile industry.
December 15 to 16, 2011, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine organizations by domestic relevant authoritative experts in the field of expert group, to a new country bearing and auto parts field investigation for the preparation of quality supervision, inspection center. Experts on relevant matters for project planning, head of the inquiry, is the center of the target, laboratory setting, talent introduction, research results for identification and advice are put forward. Countries according to the leading level in China and the world first-class, international mutual recognition "of construction, the construction set to arbitration, standards, inspection, analysis, research and development, training in a body's comprehensive bearing industry service platform, and predicts the end of 2013 will be built.
The plight of the domestic bearing industry
Although China bearing industry development soon, but compared with foreign advanced countries, although the total is now among the world's highest, but there are still in production of low concentration, low r&d and innovation ability, low level of manufacturing technology, product export structure is unreasonable, product export, and bearing the single financing channel, increasing international trade friction, and many other problems. If these problems do not get much better in a short period of time, will inevitably affect the development of the bearing industry in China and the status of China's bearing industry in the bearing industry.
The development of the domestic bearing industry countermeasures and Suggestions
Global auto parts network according to the plight of the bearing industry, put forward the corresponding development countermeasures and Suggestions:
1. The optimization of organizational structure, strengthen the scale operation, to speed up the pace of reform of state-owned enterprises. To strengthen the investment of science and technology innovation and new product development, accelerate the export commodity structure from labor-intensive products bearing to bearing high precision, high technology content, high added value products.
2. Strengthen enterprise management ability, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Financial crisis in 2009, is the lack of real economy essentially support malignant expansion of virtual economy bring disaster, post-crisis manufacturing will no doubt again attention by governments. So the management of the enterprise is particularly important in all kinds of financial crisis.
3. Enhance the independent innovation ability, and constantly develop new products. A new round of enterprise competitiveness, spelling is innovation, including the mode innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, its core is the cost advantage. So, we should focus on two of the most fundamental question is: first, how to cut down the cost. Second, how to put enterprise business model innovation, with the minimum cost to do the management benefit of enterprise.
4. Speed up technical transformation, promote the rapid ascension of superior enterprises. The gap between now and the major domestic enterprises is gradually widened. In the competition, if by "guerrilla units and guerrilla warfare" is unable to achieve the final victory, the final showdown "positional warfare, if" must be solid, like the war of liberation decide the fate of China's three big battle. And the battle is the core technology.
Bearing industry network marketing is imperative
Bearing industry network marketing refers to the many people using electronic hand-eye implementation of bearings, bearings and other activities, business economic activities is bearing business, network and digital electronic transaction activities. Its initiation and faster progress on bearing marketing initiation of the influence of profound and shut. Is clearly acknowledged, and these effects, to the company for the new background, better market segment, see fit and use of advanced marketing hand-eye and method, the satisfied consumer needs to have the significance of the matter.
As bearing the business operators and network marketers need to have network marketing new thinking, to guide enterprises in the face of increasingly severe market competition, win customers, win the competitive advantage, and it is very important. Only in this way, establishes a suitable bearing the development of the enterprise network marketing strategic thinking and tactical victory.

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