Domestic and abroad bearing industry status and independent

2014-04-09 10:39

2, the domestic industry background
Domestic bearing industry production scale is expanding rapidly in recent years as the fourth largest global one with nearly 2000 enterprises, including more than 900 sales revenue exceeds 5 million yuan of the enterprises , the number is first in the world. But some problems still exist in China's bearing industry such as low level of manufacturing technology, not high industry concentration, also far from the standard of bearing power
1), low production concentration bearing industry in our country.
In bearing about $30 billion in sales in the world the world eight big multinational companies accounted for 75% to 75%. Germany's two big companies accounted for 90% of the national total, Japan five account for 90% of the national total, the United States 1 accounted for 56% of the national total. And 7 such as our country wazhou bearing enterprises with annual sales of 1 billion yuan of above, sales accounts for only 28.3% of the whole industry, 30 companies before production concentration is only 43.6%.
2), China's bearing industry research and development and the innovation ability is low.
Because most of the enterprises in the construction of innovation system and operation, investment of r&d and innovation, talent development, etc, are still at a lower level, and industry service oriented scientific research institutes to enterprise, state has no support for research in the general technology and industry, thereby weakening the function of industry research and development oriented. Therefore, the industry "two weak and less prominent, namely basic theoretical research is weak, participation in international standards is weaker, less original technology, patent products. Current we basically is to simulate the design and manufacturing technology, construct for decades. Product development ability is low, displays in: although the domestic host PeiTaoLv reached 80%, but the high-speed railway passenger cars, luxury cars, computers, air conditioner, high levels of rolling mill, and other important host supporting and maintenance of the bearing, basically rely on imports.
3), China's bearing industry manufacturing technology level is low.
China bearing industry manufacturing technology and process equipment and technology development is slow, the car processing nc rate is low, grinding automation level is low, only more than 200 automatic production line. Most enterprises, especially the old state-owned enterprises as the main production is still in the traditional equipment. Is very important to bearing life and reliability of advanced heat treatment technology and equipment, such as controlled atmosphere protection heating, double refinement, bainite hardening, such as low coverage, many technical problems research failed to make a breakthrough. Bearing steel research and development of new steel grade and the improvement of steel quality, lubrication, cooling, cleaning and grinding tools and other related technology research and development, cannot adapt to the requirement of bearing product level and quality. Thus lead to the low process capability indices, poor consistency, product processing discrete degree of big size, product quality is not stable and inner influence the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the bearing.
In view of the above situation, our country put forward the bearing industry "twelfth five-year" plan, the bearing industry in China will take the market as the guidance, enterprise as the main body, promote the independent innovation ability and the design and manufacturing technology upgrading, promoting the construction of large group, the "little giant" enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness, improve production concentration, to realize the change of from scale growth to quality. 2012 parts enterprise products meet internationally competitive level, lay a foundation for the ranks bearing world powers; In 2020 by the bearing production country into the world bearing power of the goal, contribute to accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in our country. Achieving bearing world powers in 2020, the product accuracy, performance, life and reliability of foreign big companies of similar products during the same period, major equipment supporting bearings to achieve localization: design and manufacture of the technology for the same period outside big company level, there is a group of independent intellectual property rights of core technologies; There are 3 to 5 with independent intellectual property rights and the world famous brand, strong international competitiveness advantage of the enterprise; Industry production and sales of the total size among the world top, there are two to three domestic holding enterprises into the world top 10 bearing sales; Industry production concentration reached more than 80.
It is predicted that in 2012 China's bearing industry main business income is expected to reach 158 billion yuan, an increase of 11% or so. Although double-digit revenue growth, but in 2012 the domestic bearing market uncertainties further increase. Concerned expert analysis, bearing industry this year will appear before the low after high, but it'll have to earn foreign exchange through exports growth of around 15%, to $5.2 billion. After last year before high low statistics show that in 2011 the national bearing industry to complete the main business income is 142 billion yuan, up 12.7% from a year earlier, bearing production to complete 18 billion sets, year-on-year growth of 20%; Annual export 4.9 billion sets of bearings, foreign exchange earning $4.5 billion, year-on-year growth of 18.2% and 36.6% respectively, total imports bearing 1.88 billion sets, used is $4.17 billion, year-on-year growth of 4.6% and 9.4% respectively, the import and export surplus continued to increase, to $330 million. Axis (think about chief, under the background of international political and economic situation is complicated, the bearing industry after a high-speed growth in 2010, in 2011 before the high low after running situation, the industry into a structural adjustment and rational return stage. Bearing industry still maintain a certain growth throughout the year 2011. In early 2011, the industry's main business income increased by more than 26%, the second half, increase constantly falling, but in 2011, the growth of the industry remains more than 12% and bearing export business income drop is small, the industry bearing import and export surplus of more than $300 million. From bearing production and sales volume, number of every months of accumulative total production basic balance, but from the point of bearing inventory amount, although there are fluctuations year-on-year growth, but generally on the rise. At the end of 2011 the inventory amount increased by about 40% from a year earlier. From the point of profit, profit growth close to 60% at the beginning of 2011, but due to a big increase in cost, final full-year profits fell, growth dropped to about 10%. Bearing import and export showed a surplus again. It is understood that since the international financial crisis, bearing import and export trade deficit of $800 million, 2009, 2010 bearing import and export trade deficit of $500 million, 2011 bearing import and export back surplus, the surplus of $330 million. 12 bearing industry surplus representation, on the one hand, is our country exports the bearing market structure and the reasonable adjustment, large bearing and high-end bearing export quotas, on the other hand is due to the multinational bearing group company have a factory in our country, bearing imports. Downward trend continued in the first half of 2012 to the year will continue downward trend in the fourth quarter of 2011, the second half will be slow to recover, but return is limited, estimated in the second half will form the overall stable development trend. Due to some enterprises in the industry, especially the large-scale backbone enterprises of the transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment of the preliminary effect has began to emerge. Institute estimated that 2012 bearing industry main business income will reach 158 billion yuan, around 11% growth; Bearing production will reach 21 billion sets of left and right sides, growth is around 16%. It is worth noting that 2012 negative factors will increase enterprise management environment, management risk increase. Many host is expected in the first half of the domestic industry supporting demand, orders bearing enterprises, most enterprises in the first half of the order is less than 50%, was inadequate. And a batch of new or expansion projects and put into production, make the original capacity surplus of common products market formation of excessive competition, threatened part of the enterprise survival; Artificial, original material production factors such as price rising, enterprise cost pressure, lower profits; Rise in business inventories, receivables increase, recycling is difficult, especially smes liquidity nervous. About foreign bearing market, due to the euro crisis in the short term can't improve, the us-japan economic stagnation, Asia's growth could slow affect bearing export in our country. This year won't continue our bearing export 2011 high growth trend, but the pace of development in recent years also won't have too big decline. Bearing in 2012 is expected to export will be around 15% growth, up to $5.2 billion.
3, provincial, city industry analysis
According to shaoxing municipal people's government in July 2011, promulgated by the shaoxing municipal science and technology "twelfth five-year" development plan "requirement, points out that strengthening the scientific research, focus on supporting industrial transformation and upgrading, surrounding the shaoxing" 6 + 4 "industrial layout, strengthen the research and results of pilot and industrialization of science and technology research. In advanced equipment manufacturing, new materials, biological medicine, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy and new information and so on six big strategic emerging industries, the implementation of a batch of major transformation of scientific and technological research and application research, forming a batch of industrialization technology of comparative advantage, develop a number of with independent intellectual property rights technology around the "6 + 4" in zhuhai industrial layout, strengthen the research and results of pilot and industrialization of science and technology research. This project belongs to special advanced equipment manufacturing technology, to shaoxing key support the big six strategic emerging industries.
"Twelfth five-year" development period, the bearing industry is support by the state, the fifth plenary session of the 17th "the central committee of the communist party of China to develop the twelfth five-year plan for national economic and social development suggestion" explicitly proposed to "improve the basic technology, basic material research and development, basic components and system integration level." Fully reflect the mechanical basic parts, key materials and manufacturing technology in promoting the important role in the process of manufacturing. In the national medium and long-term program for scientific and technological development (2006-2020) and several problems of the state council about accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry ", will be the main basis, including bearing parts included. During the period of "twelfth five-year" China bearing production and demand will increase further, the increase in the high-end bearing and boutique bearing manufacturing technical strength, good in quality and quantity of synchronous growth, bearing high added value products in the bearing and the proportion of turnover, will gradually increase. Therefore, developed the wide applicability, high accuracy, high quality and low energy consumption of bearing products to promote in the bearing industry in China in the international competitive position has the positive significance.
4, their own needs
Company to enterprise technology research and development center located in involved in the enterprise development strategy, the significant decision making new products, new technology, is a high-level, high starting point, high level research and development institutions, is the leading of the enterprise technology management, decision-making and the core. To strengthen the administration of the whole research and development center, the whole company technology innovation work, advanced research, product development, etc of macro management and regulation, technology minister was the director of research and development center by the company. The quickening pace of world's manufacturing economy, large bearing enterprises at home and abroad to cooperate as the main content of mergers and restructuring, to integrate resources in a larger scope, development advantages, enhance market competition ability. At the same time, foreign bearing companies to speed up the pace of fully enter the Chinese market, setting up research and development center in China in succession, it marks the foreign enterprises has been from the past simple product competition into from the industry's research and development, production, sales, service, etc with rival launched the comprehensive competition. The intense market competition makes domestic enterprises felt the unprecedented important role in the survival and development of technological innovation are actively explore the effective ways and means of technology innovation, especially as the bearing industry. Company as the main body of technological innovation, the construction enterprise technology research and development center is a key link in the process of improve enterprise technology innovation ability and the important content, is also a self development, improve the competitiveness of the inevitable choice of internal demand and participate in market competition. Establish the purpose of the enterprise technology research and development center, is to form to adapt to the requirements of market competition and enterprise development needs of enterprise technology development system and running mechanism effectively, improve the market response ability of enterprises, coordinating, the ability of resource use and the independent innovation ability, fundamentally improve the core competitive power of enterprises and development potential. Enterprise r&d center is the product of market economy, the scale, level and function associated with the development of market economy, it is with the rise and rise, development of the market economy and development, mature and mature, compared with the independent research institutes and universities, enterprise technology research and development center has rich market information, complete technical personnel, familiar with the whole process of production and test, the test condition is superior, etc.
My company's enterprise technology research and development center in the process of the creation is not a pure technical organizations, its function also is not only engaged in the research and development, and should be positioned in the core of enterprise technology innovation system and support the enterprise long-term healthy development of the strategic high ground, to form a market oriented, give full play to the internal resources and extensive use of external resources open operation mechanism, and form a rational decision-making process and project procedures and management procedures, its main function should be: new products, new technology, new equipment, new materials research and development function. My company enterprise technology research and development center on the basis of thorough analysis and accurate grasp the market, focus on supporting enterprises, long-term development needs of the research and development work, especially to the research and development of a market prospects, competitive new products, new technology, new technology, actively do a good job in the introduction of technology digestion, absorption and innovation, make full use of the advanced bearings technology at home and abroad, a comprehensive integration and application development formed with independent intellectual property rights of bearing products and core technologies, enterprise technology innovation strategy and technology development strategy decision-making consultation function, technology innovation center will participate in the company's development strategy and take strategic planning formulation and implementation of enterprise technology innovation system functions. At the same time my company system construction enterprise r&d center is an important part of enterprise technology innovation system, is the foundation of the enterprise bearing technology innovation platform. Production-study-research cooperation and external cooperation and communication function. Enterprise research and development center to become the main carrier of implementation of production-study-research cooperation, actively with colleges and universities, research institutes to establish various forms of collaborative relationship of cooperation, effective organization and use of social resources for the enterprise technology innovation service. Strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with peer enterprises at home and abroad, combined to carry out strategic research and development, promote industrial upgrading of technology; The training function of enterprise technology innovation talents. Enterprise research and development center to possess the necessary conditions of the research and development of advanced, establish an effective incentive mechanism, to attract countries, internal and external to the enterprise research and development center of qualified personnel in science and technology work, the enhancement enterprise cohesion of science and technology personnel, improve the overall quality of the technical personnel of enterprises; Technical service and technology incubation and radiation function. Within the enterprise research and development center to other levels of technology development institutions systematic guidance, consultation and assessment services, make the medium and long-term research and development work closely with product development and commercialization, play a key role in the enterprise technology development system.
Our company sets up r&d center is the surrounding reality demand and potential demand of the market, research and development achievements with commercialization, this is my company of technological innovation of an enterprise. Company technology center will mainly focus on the bearing technology, bearing products research and development, in order to realize marketization of new technologies, new products, in order to achieve this goal, our company research and development center will be geared to the needs of industry market, both is advantageous to the extensive use of external resources, and is conducive to give full play to the internal resources, formation is beneficial to achievements transformation and innovation of organization system and operational mechanism. Therefore, our company research and development center in the enterprise technological innovation activities play an important role as the core, the construction of enterprise r&d center is the foundation of my company's technology innovation project, will effectively improve enterprise's technological innovation capability and market competitiveness. The center has been approved by the municipal enterprise technology center and city-level technology research and development center, and in 2012 approved by the national high and new technology enterprise, on the basis of declare provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center in line with my company development planning and development needs

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