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2017 New Year's Party in BOM

BOM held its 2017 New Year's Party successfully in company's Cultural Activity Center on December 31st, 2016. The Chairman Wang Xunwu, General Manager Mao Ziling, Vice General Manager Xing Chuanyou and other leadership together with all the staff attended and celebrated the event.

There were many programs designed for the night. First the four hosts announced the opening of the party at 18:00. Following that the energetic opening dance "Big Dreamer"was performed by Ye Lin, Ye Wen and other colleagues,which lighted up the festival atmosphere instantly. Then, the Chairman Mr. Wang made a new year speech to wish the whole staff happy New Year. He appreciated all employees' efforts in the past year and urged that everyone should remain united to have a higher achievement in the coming year.

The activities of the party were rich and varied, such as dancing, instrument performance, pantomime, comedy, comic dialogue, stage play, singing and so on. It reflected that the employees were talented and energetic.The red pockets by We-chat, lucky draw and small games made the evening atmosphere much more enthusiastic and exciting.

The comedy "Four Genius" was a story about 4 genius' marriage seeking which was performed by four employees humorously. The wonderful performance made everyone laugh and changed our stereotyped impression about the Jiangnan four witty gentlemen.

The chorus "Life in BOM" was a meaningful and memorable performance.The lyrics were about the hard but happy days in BOM which touched every employees’ hearts.

The stage play "Hero" was not only magnificent but also romantic. The performers was so into their roles and the audiences were amazed by their performance.

The comedy "Go Home for the New Year" deeply touched the employees' hearts who shared the same feeling of leaving their home and working far away from home as well. But the humorous performance also made them laugh out happily. There were many other brilliant performances like "Mixed dancing", "Wing Chun", "The Story of a Nail", "Butterfly Lovers", "Little Lucky", "Storytelling of Three Countries", "Love like a family" and so on.

There were various featured programs presented this evening. Also, the interactive forms had changed this year. There was a big screen placed next to the main stage for the audience to interact with each other. The We-chat interacting was greatly appreciated. The audience could enjoy the show while sent their thoughts by We-chat to the big screen at the same time. Another highlight of the night was a game called "Counting Money Happily" played on phones through BOM We-chat public account. It changed the traditional form of playing games on the stage.

The lucky draw was also an exciting program of the night. The company prepared many exquisite gifts to award the staff. The lucky draw, various games and We-chat red pocket programs pushed the party atmosphere to a even higher lever.

In the end, the party successfully finished by the song "Unforgettable Night" singed by all the cast.

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