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BOM 2016 Internal Talents Competition

After more than a month of preparation, BOM held its first internal job competition on October 5th, 2016. The internal job competition is an excellent incentive mechanism and also a tradition in BOM. BOM has always been upholding the talent-based human resource development policy. We have not only been training the staff, but also providing good career development opportunities for all the staff. The internal competitive positions this time included vice director of Quality Assurance and director of Scheduling Department. Together there were eight employees who had met the requirements to participate in the competition.

In the evening of 5th, the company General Manager Mao Ziling, Vice General Manager Xing Chuanyou, Rail Project Leader Zhang Xianwei, Director of Science and Technology Department as well as General Department Wang Jianghong participated in the competition speech and served as judges. First of all, General Manager Mao Ziling made a speech about the company talent planning and development. He stressed that the internal competition was not only an important form of talent selection, but also an opportunity for employees to show their ability to achieve higher personal career achievements. The development of the company need talent as the basic foundation. It was the positive and persistent hardworking talents what made a company successful. The experienced staff need to train the new employees devotedly to have a higher achievement himself. Each employee should maintain a strong sense of learning new knowledge to enrich themselves, so as to meet the rapid development of enterprises.

After the opening speech, the eight competitors carried out a fifteen minutes' competition speech one one by one.The contents of the speech included personal work experience summary, personal career development planning, job recognition and planning, personal strengths and weaknesses analysis and understanding of business management. The judges would ask the competitors questions after their speech.

After the competition speeches, Vice General Manager Mr.Xing summarized the event and made three requests to all the competitors. First, everyone should keep passionate and enthusiasm in the work to achieve a better performance. Second,in addition to their own daily work, one should continue to have new initiatives and new goals. Third,everyone should be positive and supportive about the competition. And regardless the results of competition, each competitor had to adjust their attitude and get back to work quickly.

The General Department calculated the final results by evaluating the judges’ scores and competitors' performance of first two quarters on October 5th. The first internal job competition had achieved a successful outcome.

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