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15th Anniversary of Zhejiang BOM Precision Bearing Co., Ltd.

Fifteen years of wind and rain together, the new era hand in hand to continue brilliant. October 18, 2020, Zhejiang BOM Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. ushered in the 15th birthday, in order to celebrate this special moment, the company held a grand celebration. In early October 2020, the company successfully moved into the new plant which is a significant milestone in the development process of BOM. Therefore, the company's 15th anniversary celebration activities arranged in the "new home ".

At the 15th anniversary of the factory, Mr. Wang Xunwu, chairman of the company, reviewed the process and history of the 15 years of BOM in his speech. From 2005 to 2020, the 15 years were full of arduous struggle and hardships, bearing a brilliant future. This period of history is worth recalling and remembering by every member of BOM. He also expressed his deep gratitude to the employees who have been growing together with the company, and put forward requirements and expectations for the future development.

Then, Mr. Mao Ziling, the general manager of the company, delivered a speech, affirming the hard work of the staff of BOM for more than ten years. At the same time, he also felt the expectation and firm belief of the people of BOM for the future. In his opinion, it is with the unity of all of us that we can have the brilliance of BOM today.

In the following fun games, all of us were immersed in the ocean of happiness. The company organized 6 * 100-meter relay race, interesting dressing, moving, one lap to the end, basketball competition and fixed-point shooting, etc., ranking according to the number of final points competition of the team. In each activity, the members of the five teams participated actively, especially two teams' final scores were even, so the third team could only be determined through extra matches. We are deeply impressed by the valiant and valiant spirit of the staff of BOM. They spare no effort in interesting games for the honor of the team. This spirit deeply moved us, so that the cheering players are excited, eager to play for the team to win the championship. The interesting games show the elegant demeanor of the staff of BOM, and test the specific practice of physical fitness and psychology. What it exercises is physical strength, what it activates is life, what it carries forward is personality and vitality, and what it gains is a smiling face and spiritual outlook. All the staff of BOM have made achievements and styles in the interesting games. They have carried forward the spirit of friendship first and competition second. They have found more brilliance in the competition and created more beauty and brilliance in the competition.

At the end of the competition, the awarding ceremony and the election of the trade union's alternate staff were also held. At the award ceremony, the leaders of the company presented prizes to the three winning teams and looked at the enthusiastic smile on the faces of the employees, which was undoubtedly the most anticipated and happiest moment for them. The election of trade union alternate staff is a tradition of the company. Every year, in order to select excellent members of the trade union, the company will let all employees sign up for election voluntarily, and finally all the employees will select the candidate members of the trade union. This move also reflects the company's principle of pursuing democracy and equality. It not only gives every employee a fair chance to campaign, but also gives everyone a platform to show themselves.

I think this is the lovely part of the staff of BOM. The spirit of perseverance and mutual assistance in the face of difficulties has brought about the brilliant moment of BOM. This grand gathering of unity and hard work shows the great achievements of the 15th anniversary of BOM. Employees can learn to compete, cooperate and communicate while enjoying hard work and happiness. I believe that with the efforts of this group of BOM, the company will enter a new future!


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