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Warmly welcome the new generation of entrepreneurs from Ningbo Sewing Machinery Industry Association to visit our company for inspection and exchange

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On the afternoon of June 17, 2021, a delegation of 33 new generation young entrepreneurs from the Ningbo Sewing Machinery Industry Association, led by Vice President Lin Bin in charge of the new generation branch and Vice Secretary General Wu Hanze of the association, visited our company for inspection and exchange. Chairman Wang Xunwu and General Manager Mao Ziling warmly welcomed their visit and provided a warm reception.


Accompanied by Chairman Wang Xunwu, the new generation of entrepreneurs visited our company's MBT Visual Information Management Center. The Chairman presented a detailed introduction to the development process and achievements of the company's information management; Subsequently, everyone visited and learned about the company's grinding production line, automated assembly production line, and other processes, gaining a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the production process and process of the company's bearings.

After leaving the production area, Chairman Wang Xunwu led everyone to visit the under construction area of the BOM New Park and presented the strategic planning map of the BOM Phase III project: With the gradual completion of the new park, BOM will create an integrated garden style factory that integrates research and development, testing, and intelligent information manufacturing as the core. Vice President Lin Bin also expressed great appreciation for the strategic planning direction of BOM.

On the occasion of parting, Vice President Lin Bin, on behalf of the association, presented a gift to Chairman Wang Xunwu and wished BOM well. Chairman Wang Xunwu also expressed his voice to the new generation of entrepreneurs: they are all excellent, responsible, innovative, and the future belongs to young people.

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