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BOM won the 2014 Paojiang Development Zone High Quality Development Award 

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On November 26th, the evaluation experts for the Quality Award of the Governor of the Paojiang Development Zone came to our company to conduct on-site evaluation and guidance on Zhejiang BOM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.'s application for the Quality Award of the Governor of the Paojiang Development Zone. Wang Xunwu, General Manager of BOM, and relevant department staff warmly received the review leaders and experts, and participated in the on-site review meeting.

The District Chief Quality Award is the highest honor for quality management established by the government of the Paojiang Development Zone. It implements the procedures of enterprise application, expert evaluation, social publicity, and government approval, aiming to vigorously promote the construction of a strong quality zone, guide and motivate enterprises or organizations to implement excellent performance management models, and improve product quality, engineering quality, and service quality levels. For enterprises (organizations) that have received the district mayor's quality award, the district government shall commend and reward them, and the district mayor shall issue trophies, certificates, and bonuses.

Since its establishment, BOM has been based on "high, precision, and excellence" and regards quality as the life. By implementing an excellent performance model, it has achieved great results in independent innovation, performance growth, employee and customer satisfaction, enterprise learning, and self-improvement.

The experts in this on-site review work have effectively identified the implementation of the excellent performance model by BOM through listening to reports, reviewing materials, and visiting the site. They have also conducted a pulse diagnosis to point out its development advantages and improvement opportunities, providing reference for further improving quality management level in the future.


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