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Brainstorming and Working Together to chart a New Journey of Development - A Record of Representative Perspectives from the 2023 ‘Two Sessions ’of the Industry

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In 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a special implementation plan for the cultivation and improvement of manufacturing single champion enterprises. Under the guidance of the Political and Legal Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Federation of Industrial Economics established a specialized office for manufacturing single champion enterprises. In 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, issued guidance on accelerating the cultivation and development of high-quality manufacturing enterprises. In 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued interim measures for the management of gradient cultivation of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises. According to policy requirements, gradient cultivation is divided into four stages for construction: the first gradient involves one million innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. The second gradient involves 100000 specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. The third gradient includes 10000 national level specialized, refined, and new small giant enterprises. The fourth gradient includes 2000 single champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry.


The recognition standards for specialized, refined, and innovative small giants mainly include seven major indicators: specialization indicators, refinement indicators, specialization indicators, innovation ability indicators, industry chain supporting indicators, indicators for the field of leading products, and other indicators, which are divided into 16 specific sub items. The basic conditions for declaring a single champion in the manufacturing industry mainly include six dimensions: specialization, market share, innovation ability, quality and efficiency, operating income, and other elements. The majority of sewing machinery enterprises can carefully understand various requirements and indicators based on their own reality, and compare and benchmark them.


Here, it is important to remind enterprises that, first of all, if applying for a single champion demonstration enterprise, the corresponding product sales revenue accounts for more than 70% of the main business revenue; Only one champion product can be applied for each year. Secondly, the highlights of technological innovation should belong to the five basic areas, namely the key areas to supplement weaknesses; Replace imported products; The proportion of core independent intellectual property rights; Key links in the industrial chain: strengthening and supplementing the chain projects: short and fast projects, science and technology research projects, core technology product collaborative innovation projects; Technical products are included in the Catalogue of Advanced Technology Product Transformation and Application in the Industrial Basic Field. Thirdly, data standards, patent numbers, advanced technology product transformation and application in the industrial foundation field, and integrity systems should be based on official standards. Fourthly, the explanatory materials should provide market share explanatory materials as required, and no proof materials are required. Fifth, indicate whether it belongs to the key fields of cultivating and selecting new generation information technology, equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, aerospace and marine equipment.


Based on the cultivation and recognition experience of China Economic Union, and from the research on the typical development experience of single champion enterprises and the cultivation path of high-quality enterprises, the following growth characteristic keywords can be summarized: deep focus, integration of industry and finance, continuous innovation, globalization, independent brand, corporate culture, customer focus, maintaining competitive advantage... These contents can provide reference for enterprise management and decision-making.


Based on these keywords, six strategic suggestions are proposed to sewing machinery enterprises for the creation of specialization, precision, and novelty. Firstly, it is necessary to be steady and upward. The global epidemic has made entrepreneurs more aware of the importance of stability, and in the future, they need to maintain stability in finance, technology, market, and other aspects, strictly control costs, and maintain cash flow; Secondly, we must create a brand. The development of enterprises will go through different stages and processes. At present, enterprises should consciously focus on brand building, explore independent brand development, and master pricing power and bargaining power; Thirdly, we must move towards the high-end. By expanding scale, improving quality, and reducing costs, we aim to win customers, especially top tier customers in the high-end market; Fourthly, we must go global. In the global post pandemic era, actively going out, research and development, production, and marketing must all go out, close to resources and market; Fifth, it is necessary to focus deeply. Decision makers need to be focused, layout the entire industry chain through investment, mergers and acquisitions, and transform towards a systematic solution provider around their main business; Sixth, we must continue to innovate. Continuously consolidate competitive advantages through innovation, grasp core technologies in key links, and build competitive barriers and advantages.


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